What is a Marital Settlement Agreement in Charlotte NC

Marital Settlement Agreement is a contract between you and your spouse where you enter into an agreement concerning your property.

If there is any marital property, which is property obtained during the marriage, then a Marital Settlement Agreement will be required.


If you have any of the items listed below, a Marital Settlement Agreement may be a big part of your Charlotte divorce decree

•Joint bank accounts.

•Interests in property or real property such as a house, co-op, vacation home, or condo

•Investments such as stocks, bonds, or any type of equity stake in a company

Retirement accounts

•Marital liabilities such as car loans, credit card debt, mortgages, and the like


How to Retaining Control Over the Division Of Your Assets

One option is to have the court decide how to divide any property that you may have, a Marital Settlement Agreement allows you to have some input on how things are divided. If you let the courts make the decision on how to split up your assets you might not get everything that you want and deserve. 

If the court decides what to divide, they will have a massive amount of power and discretion in deciding what will happen to all of your hard earned assets.


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