Divorce Process Charlotte NC


  1. Consultation with Divorce Attorney Charlotte NC
  2. Analysis of Your Unique Situation
  3. Create a Strategic Plan for Your Case
  4. Make a Calculation of Spousal Support/Alimony
  5. Preparation of All Your Divorce Papers
  6. Filing of Your Divorce Papers with the Charlotte Courts
  7. Judgment of Divorce in Charlotte
  8. All Shipping & Handling Included
  9. Calculation of Child Support
  10. Child Support Agreement
  11. Child Support Add-Ons for Education, Child Care, Insurance
  12. Child Custody Agreement
  13. Child Visitation Arrangements
  14. Child Insurance Coverage Agreement
  15. Analysis of Division of Marital Assets and Debts
  16. Division of Personal Property
  17. Income Tax Responsibility, Filing Status and Waiver of Right to Property, Retirement Accounts, Spousal Support, Assets, Rights Under Last Will and Testament (if applicable)
  18. Assigning Responsibility for Debts (if applicable)
  19. Legally Binding Agreement with Enforcement Clause
  20. Attorney’s Fees to Non-Breaching Party
  21. Decisions Regarding Life Insurance Policies
  22. Detailed Divorce Settlement Agreement